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Publications of the Center for Napoleonic Studies

Memories in-4 °

Fernand Emile BEAUCOUR has published The Letters, Decisions and Acts of Napoleon in Pont-de-Briques, a reference work in three volumes gathering all the decisions taken by Napoleon in Pont-de-Briques, and in which we can follow  the activity of the Emperor who organized his army while administering the country from Pont de Briques. For example, we find there the constitutive acts of the creation of the Grande Armée, prepared for the invasion of England (objective which he had to abandon after the loss of the Franco-Spanish navy in Trafalgar), and all the decisions details taken by the Emperor to administer the country from day to day.


I. Fernand Émile BEAUCOUR.  Letters, decisions and acts of NAPOLEON in Pont-de-Briques and Camp de Boulogne. Year VI-I798 / Year XI1I-1804,

Levallois, CEN, 1979; Work crowned by the Institute  

II. Fernand Émile BEAUCOUR and Me Jean-Baptiste BEAUCOUR. Letters, decisions and acts of NAPOLEON at Pont-de-Briques and Camp de Boulogne, Year XIII-1805

Levallois, CEN, 1988; Work crowned by the Institute

III  Fernand  Emile  BEAUCOUR  and  Me Jean-Baptiste BEAUCOUR.  Letters,  decisions  and  acts of NAPOLEON in Pont-de-Briques and Camp de Boulogne,  1805 - 1811

Levallois, CEN, 2004



Memories in-8 °  


These dissertations bring together studies carried out within the framework of the activity of the Center for Napoleon Studies on various subjects relating to the Imperial period.



1. Fernand Émile BEAUCOUR, The Egyptian Campaign (1798-1801), based on unpublished drawings by Noël DEJUINE, of the 20th Dragoon Regiment

Levallois, CEN, 1983.  


2. Jean-Marie DARNIS, La Monnaie de Paris. Its creation and history of the Consulate and the Empire during the Restoration (1795-1826) ,

  Levallois, CEN, 1988


3. Amaury FAIVRE d'ARCIER, The Agents of Napoleon in Egypt (1801-1815) ,

  Levallois, CEN, 1990


4. Irene A. EARLS,  NAPOLEON 111. The Architect and the Town planner of Paris .

Levallois, CEN, 1991.  


5. Fernand Émile BEAUCOUR, In the wake of Napoleon. Memory of my Campaigns (I803- / 809). From Camp de Boulogne to Wagram, by Sergeant Louis Frèche, of the 24th Régiment d'lnfanterie Légère ,

Levallois, CEN, 1994


6. Jean DIDELOT under the direction and with the collaboration of Fernand BEAUCOUR,   BOURRIENNE and NAPOLEON ,

Levallois, CEN, 1999


7. Fernand É. BEAUCOUR, In the wake of Napoleon, Lettres de mes Campagnes (1801-1814), by Captain Guillaume Maffre, of the 129th Infantry Regiment .

Levallois, CEN, 2002


8. Fernand É. BEAUCOUR, Jean TABEUR, Lidia Yvtchenko. La Bérézina - a military victory. November 26-29, 1812

Economica 2006


           These works are prefaced by Professor Jean TULARD, Member of the Institute.


9. under the direction of Fernand É. BEAUCOUR. Napoleon at the Berezina . Preface by Hervé COUTAU-BEGARIE, Director of Studies at the Practical School of Higher Studies, President of the French Commission for Military History,

Levallois, CEN, 2004

10. Arnaud FOKAN Account of the campaigns of Jacques Claude Deseine, Parisian sailor under the Republic and the Empire . Napoleon Studies 45/2, Levallois, CEN 2015, 250pages.

The association publishes the historical review ETUDES NAPOLEONIENNES

numbers 1 to 46 cover a wide range of subjects relating to the First Empire mainly

All of these books and many conference reprints are available in our shop

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