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The French monument

Erected by our association


Since 1996, a red granite stele has stood in front of the vast panorama of the crossing of the Berezina (current Belarus) which marks the success of this military operation in front of the two bridges built by the pontonniers of General Eblé. She
honor the bravery of those who accomplished it. The Grande Armée created at the Château de Pont-de-Briques remained in a test worthy of its glory.


Monument inscription:

"Here Napoleon's army crossed the Bérézina

November 26-29, 1812

Homage to the soldiers who then disappeared ”

Fernand Beaucour
Director of the Center for Napoleonic Studies









The plaque affixed to the monument was preceded
by a first version which was offered to the French Embassy, where it is currently on display.

berezina monument3.jpg
berezina monument.jpg

At the foot of the French monument, a stele engraved in Russian and French marks the grave of an unknown soldier of the Grande Armée, re-buried in 2006.  

Every year, on the anniversary date of the passage of the Bérézina, the monument and the tomb of the unknown soldier are decorated with flowers by the Ambassador of France and by the Belarussian authorities.















Photo Zoya Kharytanovich

Archaeologist - MINSK History Institute

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