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Opening of the Château de Pont de Briques and the Emperor's Apartments

Every year since 2013, CEN has opened the Château de Pont de Briques and the Emperor's apartments to the public on the occasion of Heritage Days , with the support of the City of Boulogne and the Boulonnais agglomeration community.

For each edition, CEN organizes a temporary exhibition on a specific theme, highlighting objects from private collections and from the Boulonnais museum.


2021 : Commemoration of the death of the Emperor on Saint Helena.

2020: no demonstration due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

2019: Napoleon and the Imperial Guard at Camp de Boulogne.

2018: The daily life of the Napoleonic soldier.

2017: The Legion of Honor at Camp de Boulogne.

2016: The Boulogne Camp.

2015: The Imperial flotilla 1803 - 1805.

2014: The Boulonnais corsairs.

Join us for the Heritage Days 2019 !!

Chateau  Imperial Brick Bridge,

92 Avenue du Dr Croquelois, 62360 Saint-Léonard

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JDP2016 Affiche A3 Exposition Camp de Bo
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