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Rivista Italiana di Studi NapoleoniciNolS anno W, 3 - ottobre 1967.

Authors: Fernand BEAUCOUR


In the Kingdom of Naples, Murat brought the innovations of France
revolutionary and Napoleonic; they had a wide and deep resonance
and it was he who, by the proclamation of Rimini, at the beginning of the short
campaign of 1815, launched in Italy on March 30, 1815 the first appeal for
an Italian war for the independence and unity of the peninsula.
This attempt will be the only one that will come from the South; launched by a soldier that
all Italy had known covered  of glory, she ran up against times not
Again  ripe for this work and for European events which  put in
so much force that the proclamation of Rimini could not achieve its goals.

Murat and the Italian unity in 1815

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